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Monthly archive December, 2012

Quick rundown of New Years Eve in Columbus…

AWOL has a cash ballon drop and Champagne Toast at midnight Axis has a 12 dollar admission with strippers, drag queens, DJ Alan Saunders, Coco Montrese, Nina West, Virginia West oh hell and lots more. Caven Irish Pub has DJ […]

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Looks like no dance floor area for AWOL on New Years Eve but still will be a party.

It looks like the evil city inspections which are nothing but a mysterious system that only works for you if you are in the good old boys club ( aka as you play golf with the city inspector and let […]

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Report on Toolbox Saloon

I got a report of a fun time and very hot bartender at Toolbox Saloon so go check this place out and report back. Also I talked to way hot blondie guy tonight at AWOL….talking to hot guy is like […]

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Added 4 new bars to the Closed bar section

I went to a great party with people as old and older than me and found out 4 new old gay bars. One which was not a bar but a private pool that I went to when I was 18 […]

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AWOL may open dance bar for New Years?

The doors are installed in the walls of the outside patio at AWOL but when will the dance bar open? My super secret sources say that they want to open for New Years which would be super gay awesome! Lets […]

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Will the Garage return?

That is what the gossip is about now that someone may bring the Garage back to life! It looks like the gossip is true but it will not be till winter 2013 as a full page ad was in Outlook […]

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