I went to a great party with people as old and older than me and found out 4 new old gay bars.

One which was not a bar but a private pool that I went to when I was 18 to 21 and did not know it was gay….damn I was stupid at that age!

The new closed bars/pool were….

Ruby Slipper Drag bar on Main Street in Bexley

Twilight Lounge Drag bar on Cleveland Avenue north of Hudson

Olde English Tavern Lesbian bar by Northern Light area of Columbus

Cabana Club Okay not a bar but a private pool that was way gay.
This was on Steltzer  Road between North James Road and 5th Avenue and was a private Pool with private Cabana’s that I am sure a lot of DNA was shared.
I went there as a young lad but just to swim…if I had only knew where I was.
Right now there are 78 past gaybars/bathhouse/pool/etc that are listed here that you will find NO WHERE ELSE so lets keep this going.

So help me out with any additional info like correct address and any stories, photos, videos info from these places.