This will be a long post about my adventure at the BarCrawl 2013 that was part of Aids Walk that happened Saturday March 9th 2013.
I signed up for this at The Barracks at Awol as it sounded like it would be a lot of fun and hell it was only 10 bucks!
I showed up early as registration was from noon to 1 so I thought it was a good idea to get there before noon. That was not such a good idea as at Club Diversity where this whole thing started did not open till noon. Luckily it was only a fifteen minute wait as I arrived at 11:45 so I just had to wait 15 minutes for the doors to open.
I had planned on dragging someone with me to this event but everyone had to work or had some other lame excuse not to go so being the loner I am I went by myself.
Check in for the event was quick and painless and I got my T-shirt and coupons for 6 free beers, taxi voucher and even a coupon for 1 dollar off for Mikey’s Late Night Slice. I headed to the bar and got my first free beer ( tipping the bartender of course ) and sat down at the end of the bar.
I have been to Club Diversity before and it is a unique bar that is like no other gay bar in Columbus. It is way laid back and more like going to someones house because it was someones house. It is not a club to go out dancing and the piano is there to be used and not just for show. I love it during the summer with the gazebo’s out back and it is the best place to get a martini.
So it was not 5 minutes sitting at the bar that I met a fun guy who was also there by himself and we became BarCrawl buddies. We decided that we wanted to hit all the bars and went outside after finishing our beers to wait for the shuttle for the next bar.
We met a group of guys that worked at Nationwide and chatted them up on the front porch and finally the shuttle arrived. The shuttle was a OSU shuttle bus and I don’t think the driver knew he was going to drive around a bunch of queers as he didn’t look to happy and said nothing to no one. So we all got on the shuttle and headed to bar #2 Caven Irish Pub.
Caven Irish Pub which long time ago used to be Remo’s where I used to play pool at with some pool sharks who tried to lose to me but still won is now a nice bar. It is more of a quieter place to have a drink and has a nice outdoor patio that has a covered section for smokers. My Bar-crawl buddy bought us a shot of Jameson’s and we drank our second free beer and we were out on the sidewalk to wait for the shuttle bus again. I think I heard that this was the first time they had a shuttle bus for this event  which was a great idea but the wait for the shuttle was always too long. Also if you didn’t just wait outside for the shuttle you would miss it. They needed 2 shuttles and someone to announce that shuttle was there and give people time to chug drinks or just time to get out of the bar to get on the shuttle. What happened is shuttle would drop off people and leave so that even if you went outside the bar when you noticed a bunch of people coming in it was too late and the shuttle would be gone. If the weather had not been so nice people would of been a lot bitchier but waiting outside was not so bad as the weather was GREAT!
So we arrive at Explorers Club and they hustled us into a side room and set up some Sweet Plantains and some tortilla chips with a couple of what I think was Black bean hummus and something else. They all tasted good to me and we also had our 3rd free beer. I have never been to this place but just hearing about this place I made reservations to eat there later with a friend of mine at 5pm. This place does have a small bar area and it is kinda noisy but later when eating there I found it was just fine. A bunch of bar crawlers are much noisier then diners. Just a short note that later that night I ate there and the food was good, great service, and good prices…I will be back again to eat here.
So after our free appetizers and beer we were back out on the side walk for a LONG wait for the shuttle. The next stop was Southbend Tavern and one group of guys walked there the 11 blocks or so and beat us there. Again thanks to the nice weather walking would have been a good idea. So we arrive at Southbend Tavern and it is a neighborhood bar that has a stage for drag shows and it was a lot of fun there. I have heard good things about this place and most comments were very friendly people and good owners. I didn’t venture out to see if they had a patio so no report on that but did have a good time there but we were running out of time and wanted to make all the bars so we got our free beer and were off to the next bar on foot.
Now the next bar was only a few blocks away so walking was no big deal. Columbus Fuel Bar is one of the bars I have never been to. What do you say to someone who has never been to this bar? Lets just say for starters that it is a dive bar first. Drinks come in plastic cups but they are plenty strong! The owner is a real nice guy and it is a place to go to have fun but it can get CRAZY!  It is more like a private club for Drag Queens and strippers than a bar and the crowd ended up later that night to be more mixed than a Humane Society puppy. They had straight male strippers with their girlfriends and a older woman who looked like someones Mom. I guess it is pretty normal for straight girls to bring their boyfriends to this place and convince them to strip on stage. They do have a small portion of the outdoor patio covered for smokers but the patio is large but barren to say the least. This bar is not for the faint of heart and as long as you are into a crazy night were anything can happen you will survive here.
So I ended up going solo to the next bar as my BarCrawl buddy was in the bathroom as the shuttle arrived and quickly left even though I pleaded to wait just a minute for my new friend in the bathroom. But he left without even a word. This was the point that I defiantly decided NOT to tip the driver. I had planned on tipping the driver at the last stop but this guy was not even a human as I never heard him say a word and I always tip but for this guy I made a exception.
The last bar on the tour was Tremont Lounge and it was packed! I have not been there in years and it is the last survivor of the old-time gay bars and also has a cute outdoor patio with a covered section for smokers. It is a small bar but they still have drag shows there and it is looking better than it has in years. Even with the huge crowd the bartenders got to everyone quickly and it was the end of line for me as I had to meet my friend for din din at Explorer’s Club.
The whole BarCrawl 2013 was a blast and even with the crappy shuttle driver I had a great time and will be sure to do this again!