AWOL opened it’s new dancefloor/event space the Barracks on Feb. 16th for a soft opening

It is a nice space and people had a great time there….now down to the details.

The Men’s bathroom is unique and reminds me of something you would find in a bath house. As you enter the area from the patio through the single glass door you go down a ramp and there is a hallway to your left. As you go down the hallway there is an opening the size of 2 doors on your right that is the Men’s bathroom. Just a side note the Women’s bathroom is directly across from the mens with a door on it but is hard to see as the lighting is very low in the hallway. Sooo as you peer into the bathroom you see 2 sinks and a low wall with 2 urinals hiding behind it and there are 4 other urinals that are on the right wall that has a window that you can see the dance floor from. BUT don’t worry piss shy guys there is a secret door leading to a single toilet on the left as you come in if you have your night vision goggles on you will find it.

I like this bathroom as it is nice and clean as it is all new but it is very voyeuristic and kinda dirty at the same time. Of course there is another reason for the bathroom being the way it is and we all know what that is.

Okay now on to the rest of the place…if you continue down the hallway where the bathrooms are there was a person at the end of the hall doing coat check and an emergency exit just so you know.

As you exit potty central you enter into the dance floor/stage area with the bar to your right and the DJ booth on the far left far corner. The stage is L shaped with one step up, larger in the back and skinny on the right side.They do need more disco flashy lights stuff for the dance floor but this was a soft opening and am sure they will be adding more.

The biggest and really only complaint I heard that night was the wait to get a drink. I really didn’t think it was that bad but additional bartenders would be a good idea. Hey it was the first night opening so they will work out the kinks so it will be cool.

All in all it is a really great space and if they get this rooftop patio pulled off it will be super awesome.