Corrected Twilight Lounge to Twi-light Lounge and added address
Changed Kismet to Kismet Lounge and added address
Changed Grotto to The Village Grotto and added address
Added new closed bar called Club Riverside at 1570 Olentangy Road
Added The Loft which was a bar above Village Grotto that was leather/levi bar
Added address and additional info for Jim & I
Added new closed bar Wilson and Jerry’s Cleopatra’s Lounge at 1855 Oakland Park Avenue
Corrected address for Tabu
Corrected Jillian’s address
Added possible new closed gay bar Mel’s Place on 785 Bank Street
Corrected name of Herbie’s to Herby’s Tavern
Added The Clock Restaurant as a closed gay bar as it was gay for a short time.
Added possible closed gay bar/cafe The Big Pig Cafe on 246 West 5th Ave
Added new closed bar Outland as I think it was gay at first…if not it’s name is enough to add it and it was a strange/queer bar.
Added closed bar Patrick’s which is what Exile used to be.
Added closed bar food joint The Rockhouse Tavern and Grille at 80 South Fourth Street
Added closed The Full Monty as even though not a bar a lot of gays went there.